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The Troubleshooting Method

This holiday season is already becoming hectic for most families, and with crazy scheduled sometimes you may not have time to call one of our professionals. We have a troubleshooting guide in helping you look at what is going wrong by taking you step by step. Troubleshooting is a method created to prevent you making an unnecessary call to Muse, and help you to diagnose the problem you may be having a little quicker. In most cases, you may become frustrated whenever one of your units stops working properly, and this is common among many. Paying for something as expensive as Air Conditioning and Heating units, these items are expected to work. However, with time, unfortunately these units are not built to last forever. If you have had your unit for 10-15 years, you may start to experience problems. Have no fear though, as many of these issues can be fixed! To wrap up and review, if you are experiencing any issues with your units, try some of our troubleshooting methods!


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