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Equipment Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners
Offered by American National and The Earhart Agency

Why Is Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners Important?

Most traditional homeowners policies do not cover mechanical breakdown. Although you might take them for granted, you depend on several major equipment systems to keep your home comfortable. You might assume that your homeowners policy would cover the cost of repairs to these systems should they break down. But the fact is that mechanical breakdown is not a covered cause of loss under most traditional homeowners policies.

The Solution
Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Homeowners provides affordable coverage for equipment that is built-in, or permanently attached, to the home; transmits or utilizes energy; or has contents that are under vacuum or pressure.

Examples of What is covered:

  • Central Air conditioning systems
  • Back-up generators
  • Ventilation systems and fans
  • Chair lifts and elevators
  • Boilers and water heaters
  • Electric power panels
  • Furnaces, heat pumps, heaters, solar heaters
  • Central vacuums
  • Well pumps
  • Pool and spa equipment

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