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HVAC 2018

Welcome to 2018

Muse would like to welcome all to the new year. We hope everyone had a great holiday season to close out 2017. With this new year in full swing already, we are experiencing some cold weather that we were not expecting! This would be a great time of the year to invest into zoning for your home. What is zoning? Zoning is very effective in helping your home stay warm/ cold in the rooms that you want. This is a great money saver for all families. With zoning, you can set temperatures for each room. For example, if you are not using one of the rooms in your home, you would not have to run the air into that room.

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Thermostats are used to turn on heating or cooling systems to bring the home to a set temperature. In addition to basic temperature control, programmable thermostats can be used to manage the indoor environment of your home at different times of the day or week. This type of control can have a dramatic impact on the overall energy use of your home. We carry a complete line of thermostats. Let us help you choose the one that best matches your lifestyle.

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