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Spring is on the Rise

Warmer Weather Soon?

It may not feel like it on most days, but January is basically over! Quick start to 2018, which means only one thing. Warmer weather will be on the rise soon. Although the mid-south is expected to receive more snowy weather; around the corner is shorts and t-shirts. Why do we consider this now? Well it is important to prepare with air conditioning. Consider investing in a new unit this year. Why? Well, some units may have lived their life, and need to be replaced. This could apply to you if you have recently moved into a house that was previously owned, or you have been living in the area for a while. More information below!

Additional Info

Air conditioners may look similar, but their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can vary widely. Higher SEER numbers save more money spent on electricity. A 13 SEER air conditioner, the EPA "current minimum standard", uses 23% less energy than a 10 SEER unit (EPA standard up until Jan. 2006). Even though 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency available, we currently offer a line of air conditioners that start at 13 SEER and go all the way up to a 21 SEER. Depending on your average usage, higher SEER air conditioners can significantly reduce your electric bill.

Additionally, we offer many air conditioners that have advanced features, such as 2-stage compressors and variable speed fan operation. These features not only improve the comfort level of your home, but can provide additional energy savings as well.


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