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We have touched on this subject before, but we would like to touch on it again as the Summer temperatures approach. Zoning is a very interesting thing to invest in, and this is because most of the day you may not enter every single room. The whole point of zoning is to have set temperatures in each room, and it can save you and your family money in the long run. For example, say you are at work all day, and you set your Air Conditioning to be off while you are away so it is not just cooling a vacant house, but about an hour or two before you arrive home it turns back on for a comfortable return after work. Another Example is that you and your family could all be spending time in the living room, and some rooms are not going to be used the rest of the night; to save your unit some work you can have specific temperatures set and it will get the job done like you want it too.

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Zoning can provide optimum comfort with increased energy savings in your home by dividing a home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs and independently controlling the temperature in each area. Much like multiple light switches that independently control lighting in different rooms, with zoning, multiple zone thermostats or sensors control temperature in different areas of the home. Contact us for an in-home evaluation and estimate.

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