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Southaven MS


Southaven, Mississippi is located in DeSoto County. It has a population of just over 50,000 people. Because it was the fastest growing metropolitan area in Mississippi between 1990-2000 Southaven MS  established its own school system during this time period.

Due to the growth of this city so rapidly there have been many new developments, including three major shopping malls. This city's safety is also one of its very important features. The crime rate in Southaven MS  is much lower than the national average.

With all of the rapid development happening here, this city was ranked as number 10 on CNN Money's top 100 places to live in 2007 . This city is known for being family friendly.

Southaven MS  is just around 25 minutes away from Tunica Resorts which has over ten casinos and hotels! There are many low income apartment complexes that have recently been built or are currently being constructed in Southaven MS  as well. Some notable buildings in Southaven MS  include DeSoto County Courthouse , the DeSoto County Justice Court , the Southaven City Hall , and a new library .

I hope this article about Southaven MS  has been helpful. With all of the safety, shopping, and prosperous growth going on here it's no wonder why many people choose to live here! Please comment if you have any information or questions to add further.

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